SD001 Supermarket shelf

Supermarket shelf product features: 1. Beautiful appearance, firm structure and various specifications; design style has the style of the times, supermarket shelves are single and double-sided shelves can be combined with each other, single-sided shelves can be combined with corners, double-sided can be combined with semi-circles; layer spacing can be adjusted freely , looks noble and generous; 2. Luxurious appearance, elegant color, and integration with the modern store environment, creating a new concept of business; 3. Raise the root of the support arm, increase the supporting capacity, increase the width and length of the laminate, and satisfy the capacity of the large-scale shopping malls; 4. The surface is treated by epoxy resin electrostatic spray, which has a variety of colors and has strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust effects; 5. Easy to install, any choice of multiple hangers; 6. The column and the base are welded together, which increases the shelf insurance factor, prevents the shelf from grading under the heavy state, and eliminates the hidden dangers of the store; 7. Good versatility, equipped with a variety of accessories for the display of goods, suitable for the needs of comprehensive supermarkets; 8. Surface treatment shot blasting, degreasing, oil removal, surface spray.

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